19 March 2015

Travel committee

The ReisCie


The ReisCie 2019-2020 members are (van left to right, top to bottom):
Chris Vlam (chairman)
Pepijn Vink (acting board member)
Judica den Daas (vice chairman)
Colin van Rossum (treasurer)
Tijmen Evers (secretary)

Dear travellers!

We, the travel committee, would like to introduce ourselves. This five-headed committee will be taking
Anteros on a journey, and not only once, but even twice. At Wintro (winter introduction camp)
we will escort you to the cosy group accommodation, Katteveld. There you will be submerged in
wintry vibes with lots of activities for a jolly good time. For a whopping three days, you will be
forging warm friendships with your fellow Anterians to survive the cold winter days. But that’s
not all folks. As we have said before, in May we will take you on a new journey to a destination
yet to be revealed. There we will broaden our horizons through the local culture and discovering
the nightlife of our fellow LGBT+’ers. The members of our committee are always available for some
small talk, questions or other remarks.

We hope to see you on one of our trips,
Tijmen, Pepijn, Judica, Chris en Colin