6 May 2015

UIT committee

The UITcie

The UITcie 2019-2020 members are (from left to right):
Jop Beumers (chairman)
Robin Leistra (vice chairman)
Dennis van der Ent Braat (acting board member)
Eva van Dijk (acting board member)
Jeroen Passenier (treasurer)
Anne Thérèse Plat (secretary)

A new UIT-week and a super enthusiastic new UIT-committee. We are a creative and hyper bunch who cant wait to poor all of our energy and enthusiasm into the next UIT-week. Accompanied by some old UIT-members from the very succesful UIT-week last year, we’re certain this year will be amazing as well. This year will be even bigger and crazier than ever before and we cant wait to share our massive plans with you. But you will have to wait for a little bit longer since we wont reveal our plans until we start reaching the date the UIT-week starts.

UIT-tastic greetings,
Jop, Anne, Jeroen, Dennis, Eva en Robin.