Social involvement in Anteros

Since we are an association that’s primarily oriented towards LGBTQ+ students we do definitely try to make a difference for the LGBTIQ+ community in Utrecht and the rest of the Netherlands. From having talks with the Universities of Utrecht about LGBTQ+ policy at their schools, officially raising the rainbow/progress flag at all the uni buildings during pride/purple friday and coming-out day, visiting the commissioner of the king, visiting the mayor of Utrecht and dousing ourselves in all the colors of the rainbow during the Canal Pride in Utrecht on our own boat. Our presence in Utrecht on a social level is definitely noticeable, especially with our beautiful banner that will be hanging beautifully above the road during the UIT-week. We are also very proud to be working with PANN and our favorite pub Bodytalk, as they also make a stand for the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness.

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If you’re a bit of a social butterfly and all of this makes your social involvement heart beat a little bit faster, then Anteros might definitely be the right place for you. Here’s an overview of some of the amazing activities that we have organized for our more socially involved members. Think of political debates, symposia about gender and diversity, lecture about PrEp, watching a social relevant movie, and a sex and drugs quiz. Activities that, if you decide to join us, you could be taking part in!

Serieuscie (Societal committee)

In our association we have 1 committee that dedicates themselves towards Anteros’s social involvement and social activities, and that’s the ‘Serieucie’. This committee organizes activities that have a wide range of seriousness, from lectures where they try to raise more awareness on suicide prevention to somewhat lighter topics such as watching movies or political debates.

Want to know more about the committees that organise these kinds of events? Click here to check out the ‘’Serieucie’’ and the rest of our committees!

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