Without it’s sponsors, Anteros could not exist. With their support, we can provide more and bigger activities for our members and further grow as an established part of student life in Utrecht. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to work together, preferably with companies from Utrecht. If you’re interested in a partnership, send an email to bestuur@uhsv-anteros.nl, so we can inform you about the possibilities. An example of the possibilities and their pricing can be found below.

Sponsorpakketten English

If you have other ideas for sponsoring or want more information about the possibilities, mail us at bestuur@uhsv-anteros.nl

The following people/companies have partnered with us

Bodytalk (Main sponsor)

bodytalk vierkant


trutfonds vierkant

Savannah Bay

savannahbay vierkant


knaek vierkant

DressMe Clothing

dressme vierkant


admi4u vierkant


fotoromp vierkant

Club Poema

clubpoema vierkant


Logo NS

Gemeente Utrecht

gemeenteutrecht vierkant

Universiteit Utrecht

universiteitsfonds vierkant

Hogeschool Utrecht

HU vierkant

Midzomergracht festival

midzomergracht vierkant

VIDIUS studentenunie

vidius vierkant

Sport Utrecht

sportutrecht vierkant

COC Nederland

coc vierkant