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The UIT of Anteros

Do you want to be yourself? Do you want to get the most out of your student days? Do you really want to get to know Utrecht? Making friends for life? Experience great adventures? Want to be part of a great association? At Anteros you can do all that, and much more! As a social club, we are always busy to get the most out of our student days. Weekly drinks and on top of that all kinds of activities, more than 13 committees, various disputes, trips, camps and parties; at Anteros you never have to sit still! And all that nice and inclusive and diverse, we are the LGBT student association of Utrecht for a reason. Everything is non-binding and not mandatory, but you will soon notice that you keep coming back because with us you belong!


Why do I have to become a member of Anteros?

At Anteros you are accepted for who you are, so everyone can be themselves. If that’s not cool enough, we also offer weekly activities. These activities can vary from a wonderfully relaxed wine tasting, to an intense canoe session or a fiery debate in one of the university halls. Just as the members of Anteros are very diverse, so are our activities. Besides the fact that these activities are super fun, they are, like everything at Anteros, completely voluntary and nothing is mandatory. Just finished your exam? Join us during the weekly drink on Wednesday in the Bodytalk or during one of the aforementioned activities. Or secretly do a little sogging (study avoidance behavior) while studying and chat with other Anterians in one of our WhatsApp groups.

Of course it’s great fun to participate in activities, but maybe you want to organize something like this yourself? You can register for one or more committees within Anteros that take care of these activities. From the Accie (activities committee) that organizes a monthly activity to the SmulCie (cooking committee) that cooks delicious dishes for the members.

In addition to our 13 committees, we also have disputes, this is a somewhat more exclusive group within the association that meet every month. An excellent way to get to know each other better!

Does this all seem super cool to you and are you completely convinced?! Then sign up HEREIf you have any questions, you can fill in the interest form without any obligation. We will contact you to answer your questions! You can also ask your questions via the chat function on the website, where you can chat with the board and the UIT committee!


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Interest formulier

Are you interested in Anteros but are you still in doubt wheter you want to become a member? Sign up for our interest form. When you sign up, the UIT will contact you again to answer your last questions. They will also ask you to join our fantastic association. It is also possible to come and visit the normal Wednesday drinks if you are still in doubt after the call.


Signing up for the interest form does not mean you sign up as a member of Anteros!



Do you not want to come alone to the Anteros drinks during the UIT? Or do you have so many questions that you need all the time to ask them all to an Anterian? Sing up now for a drinking buddy via the form below.


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