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1. “What kind of activities does Anteros provide”?

Besides the weekly drinks at Bodytalk, Anteros provides its members with a great variety of activities. For example: the big trip (where we go abroad), canoeing, a picnic, BBQ, Christmas dinner, playing pool, drinks with our sister association(s), laser gaming, an introduction, and winter camping trip, wine tasting, cooking workshops, painting workshops, cocktail nights, movie discussions, pub-crawls, pub quizzes, dance workshops, themed parties, themed drinks, committee appreciation day, Utrecht canal pride, Yoga, and many more.

2. “How does Anteros deal with corona?”

When the measures of the national government took place several months ago,Anteros also had to change the activities according to the corona measures. We had a discord server in order to keep in touch with each other and there were online drinks every Wednesday. We also organized online activities like a pubquiz, a game night with classics like Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox, and a digital escape room! And even our Fitcie (sportscommittee) managed to organise  quite a few online workout sessions!


Additionally, physical activities are currently possible again. although taking the 1.5-meter into account distance is mandatory at all times, as imposed by the national government and security region. Yet, the atmosphere of the association can be felt again. We have already organized activities taking these regulations into account, like canoeing, playimgbt he town of Salem, fitness in the park, or painting sessions. We also went bowling this year to celebrate the committee appreciation day. So, you can see that even during corona times Anteros can be a real addition to your student life.

3. “How many members and committees does Anteros have?”

Anteros has, at the moment of writing, around 200 members and 13 committees.

4. "What happens when you sign up for Anteros?"

From the moment you send us your sign up form, we get to work behind the scenes. Your form will be checked and you’ll then be added to the members’ database. A welcome email will be sent with all kinds of useful information so that you are immediately up to date as a new Anterian! You will find information about getting a buddy that will accompany you during the weekly drinks, access to the online member portal, the link to our merchandise and much more.


Depending on what you prefer, you will be placed in the private Facebook and/or Whatsapp, where our events are announced. Via this Whatsapp group, you can also find our volunteer pool, marketplace chat and spam group, all exclusively for Anterians of course. As soon as you are in the Whatsapp or Facebook group, you can sign up for activities and of course take advantage of your discount at the bar on drinks.


When you register at the beginning of the year, so during the UIT or the weeks after, you will also be placed in an Introduction group. Two senior students and a number of new Anterians form such a group and together you can go to activities. You can bombard these senior students, your “parents”, with questions and they will do their best to let you get to know Anteros. For example, it is encouraged to meet before drinks and to go to activities together. Of course, this is all completely voluntary, but this is a super fun way to start to the year so it’s definitely recommended!


Obviously, the membership comes with costs, your contribution. Fortunately, you do not have to pay this the second you sign up. Payment is made by direct debit, and two weeks in advance you will hear from us that we are going to collect the contribution. You, therefore, pay at the earliest two weeks after registering, although it is more likely that it will only happen later (after a deposit from DUO).


So, when you register you will get all the information to start your year on the right foot, access to all kinds of media and our activities, and a super fun introduction group, what more do you want? Sign up quickly, we can’t wait to get to know you!

5. "What does Anteros do for internationals?'

Anteros is an inclusive association, not only for Dutch-speaking people but also for internationals. The communication of Anteros is always done in two languages and the activities are mostly instructed in two languages as well.

Anteros also has a small group of internationals among the Anterians. Some of them are members of a committee where, of course, the used language is English.


During the UITweek, the “Roze Wandeling” activity on Tuesday the 10th of August in the afternoon will be held in English. When the activity has taken place it is possible to request another “Roze Wandeling” in English when the demand is high enough. In order to do this, contact our social media accounts or the chat on the website.