Moïse Veldema


Hello, I am Moïse (he/they) pronounced as [mɔiz] or just as Mo. I am your Fiscus for this year. This means that you can come to me with any questions about your contribution, budgets or subsidies. I am a fifth-year student in Artificial Intelligence, and I often follow courses in Computer Science. It is therefore no surprise that I love to code. When your program crashes again because of an unexpected ‘}‘ on line 362, or when your code is running for so long that you are considering solving the Entscheidungsproblem again, then I will gladly be your rubber duck and help you solve your errors. Besides coding, I like to watch anime and read manga. If you are looking for someone to have a good (and spoiler-free) discussion with, especially about One Piece, I’m the right person for you. Feel free to talk to me when you see me ‘in the wild’ or at one of the drinks. I’d love to get to know you.