We are H.E.L.D.! We are the oldest, biggest and manliest dispuut of U.H.S.V. Anteros. We meet up every third Thursday of the month with all our members, filled with beer and deep conversations. This dispuut tries to make the most of our student days by maintaining a high standard for our members. We have an initiation, shiny red ties and a healthy rivalry with the rest of U.H.S.V. Anteros. Mix it all together and you get a group of friends that will do anything for each other.

Logo-grootTo become a member you have to be invited by the board of H.E.L.D., but you have a good chance if you are an active member of U.H.S.V. Anteros, like attending drinks and activities or participating in a committee. Because we are a men-only dispuut, you are required to be male or identify as one. Our first language is Dutch, but everybody is capable of speaking English.

As a member you are guaranteed to have a fun time and be in the company of great friends. A cold beer is waiting for you!

For questions you can send an e-mail to: dispuutheld@uhsv-anteros.nl